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Remia, making our favorite sauces since 1925! There is no one in the Netherlands who doesn’t know the well-known products of Remia. As a leading supplier of sauces, it is impossible to imagine Dutch society without Remia. Digital is now an integral part of Remia's marketing mix.

The challenge

Remia is a strong marketing brand. A brand that invests a lot of time and effort in communication with the Dutch consumer. Through social media we keep Remia top of mind with the general public and we bring new products and campaign moments to their attention. A combination of reach and interaction.


Daily dialogues provides social strategy, runs social/digital media and activation campaigns, always on content for multiple brands in the Remia group as well as webcare and community management.

American BBQ sauce - create your own

To create a more engaging campaign for Remia's unique line of American Barbecue Sauces, daily dialogues has built a personalised label creator and a campaign to promote it. The campaign ran just before father's day, because a personal version of one of the sauces - in a gift box that could be ordered online - made a perfect father's day gift.

Winter burger

Video and animation are becoming more and more important on social media. Remia therefore feels it's important to work with this format while remaining relevant and inspiring. We make short, 'bite-sized' videos every month, based on a simple recipe. This guarantees a high level of interaction/engagement.

03 remixed

The original - remixed

In order to draw attention to Remia's barbecue sauces, we came up with an activation campaign. An online translation of Remia's Afrojack commercial in which he remixes a song by Rod Steward.


To increase awareness of Remia's broad product range during the summer months, we came up with an umbrella idea called "Summerfood". Inspired by the popularity of food trucks and authentic recipes, we produced a series of online videos for the "See" phase of the campaign. In the think and do phase, we used retargeting to bring attention to the specific products.


Through social media Remia increases the visibility of her products and campaigns. The national TV commercials are also supported through social media. The sampling campaign we conducted was cost-effective and generated over 15,000 sample requests. For Remia, social media is also one of the only ways to really get in touch with the end users and ask them for feedback. Measurements show that products promoted via social media sell better in the retail channel.

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