Production in Israel, Europe, North & South America and China. More than 13,000 employees worldwide. Active in more than 180 countries. Just a few facts that make the enormous impact of ICL in the world clear. ICL is a globally active manufacturer of products based on unique minerals. Active in the agricultural sector, food and other industry.

Reaching farmers all over the world

The challenge

How do you reach farmers? Via social media? And if that succeeds, how do you get them engaged? Through highly targeted content with a focus on benefits, as well as niche targeting in the field and region, daily dialogues is able to generate leads for ICL in the agricultural sector.


Daily dialogues is ICL's preferred supplier for setting up and managing social media campaigns. We develop concepts and campaigns that are highly targeted on the group. To achieve this, we interact on a daily basis with the marketing specialists at ICL's headquarters in Israel.

Social media campaigns

Whether it is about informing farmers about the organic fertilizer product Polysulphate, or about promoting an important agronomist congress in China, daily dialogues conceptualizes, creates and launches the campaigns for ICL on social media channels such as Linkedin and Facebook.

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Sjef Kerkhofs

Sjef Kerkhofs
Managing Director

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