Betaalvereniging Nederland

The Betaalvereniging Nederland coordinates the common tasks of its members in the area of infrastructure, standards and common product features in the payment system. This campaign was intended for teenagers and young adults. By using humour, we tried to make this target group more aware of (un)safe banking.

Campaign #GiraalGaan

The Challenge

Jongeren moeten bewuster en veiliger bankieren. De uitdaging was om op een leuke, pakkende manier duidelijk te maken wat giraal gaan precies inhoudt en vooral, hoe de jongeren dit (veilig) moeten doen. Zonder belerend over te komen.

The younger generations need to be more aware and safer when it comes to banking. The challenge was to clarify in a fun, catchy way, what the online banking world entails and especially how young people should do this (safely). Without coming across as pedantic.

How to reach this target group?

The hashtag #giraalgaan proved to be a trigger in itself from research among the target group. The link with going ‘viral’ was immediately made and #giraalgaan was immediately embraced.

The solution

We teach these younger generations a lesson, as it were, in 'online banking for dummies', in which we explain the safety rules. A humourous, catchy lesson, with a wink, uptempo music and a leading role for Jandino Asporaat



Until now, the campaign has reached an average of 2 million unique people within the target group per flight (4 flights in total). The average reach frequency is currently 3 per flight; in total, over 26.5 million impressions have been achieved, which allows us to conclude that the quantitative objectives have been well met. In addition, the View Through Rate on the videos (VTR) was over 50%. This is extremely high; the average benchmark for VTR on social media is 15%. Both quantitatively and qualitatively, the campaign exceeds the targets. We can therefore conclude that we did not only reach our target group, but also 'affected' it.

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