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At daily dialogues, the team is everything. Our greatest asset. We combine both creativity and performance in one single team, which is a hell of a job. But, we make it work! So, without further ado, let's meet our specialists.

Hi, nice to meet you!

Robbert Gangadin

Operations Director

Sjef Kerkhofs

Managing Director

Alicia Valenzuela

Lead Creative

Sanne La Feber

Media Designer

Nabila Sadeq


Xixia Wu

Media Designer

Joy van Wageningen


Gracia Lam

Community Manager

Danny van Heusden

Client Manager

Niels Kieboom

Content Manager

Eva Vasileiou

Project Manager

Patrick Bakelaar

Digital Marketing Specialist

Naji Bazzi

Social Media Advertising Specialist

Mark Timmermans

Lead Motion Designer

Marvin Jansen

Digital Marketing Specialist

Kevin Bogarde

Creatief Strateeg

Arno Gregorian

Performance Analist

Joshua Brazil

Digital marketing trainee

Ivaylo Kirov

Motion design trainee


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Sjef Kerkhofs

Sjef Kerkhofs
Managing Director

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