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Sjef Kerkhofs

Sjef Kerkhofs
Managing Director

Dania is part of team DailyDialogues since September 21st, 2021. She has been working as a Community Manager, with a focus on social media, for 4 months.


These past few years I’ve been mostly dedicating my work-life to being a tutor. However, as I started my Bachelor in Psychology, I got more and more interested in consumer behaviour and marketing psychology. My interests led me to try out a job as a customer service representative for some time. And now, here I am at Daily Dialogues, an opportunity for me to broaden my skills and learn more about this grand world of social media and marketing.


I've spent most of my time working in education, teaching and tutoring. And right now, I'm also branching out into social media and marketing. As this is also in line with my study, I'm very excited to learn more and broaden my horizon.

5 questions to Dania:

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in the beautiful The Hague! To be very precise, in (obviously) the best part of it: Moerwijk!

What is your favorite activity in your spare time?

In the past few years, I’ve grown to love baking, so that’s something I like to keep myself busy with when I have some time to spare. Other than that, I spend most of my free time hanging out with family and friends, and also love to lounge around and catch up on my favourite TV shows.

What is your favorite Social Media channel?

I’d have to go with both Instagram and YouTube. Both places of endless scrolling, creativity and such diverse content. Give me a phone with only these two applications on it and I can entertain myself for hours on end!

If your life were to be filmed, what would be the soundtrack and which actor would play your part?

It’s a very long shot, but hear me out: a comedy sitcom with “Good Days” by SZA as the soundtrack and Emma Stone as the leading actress, who wouldn’t watch that?

Which documentary or podcast would you recommend to everyone?

I have a thing for True Crime, so you can find me listening to podcasts in that genre very often. One of my favorite true crime podcasts is Crime Junkie (Spotify). As for documentaries, I can recommend the Street Food docuseries on Netflix; definitely leaves you craving some good food!

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Sjef Kerkhofs

Sjef Kerkhofs
Managing Director

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